The PLE showcases focus on new and emerging widgets and tools designed in the ROLE Project. Anything new, interesting, or promising is published on the ROLE Showcase Platform that is a website, a kind of virtual showroom providing information about the software developed in the ROLE. Next to the widget bundles and ROLE tools, that are accessible on the Showcase Platform, individual widgets are presented in the ROLE Widget Store.

Most software exhibited on the Showcase Platform is web based and can be accessed directly via a web browser from the website (demo logins and passwords are available). In addition, you may install some of the software in your own personal learning environment, for example in iGoogle. Each software entry on the Showcase Platform comes with additional information such as textual usage description, sample use case, and video screencast. Also, several user reports providing descriptions on how the ROLE software has been used in educational and self-directed learning settings are available.

The ROLE software is classified and presented in two categories:

Widget Bundle: a Widget Bundle is a set of small web based software applications (widgets) to support a specific learning or teaching task. As an example, to build up your foreign language vocabulary, you can use a widget bundle consisting of a media reader, translation service and a vocabulary trainer.

Following Widget Bundles are now presented on the Showcase Platform:

ROLE Tools: ROLE Tools are software applications to build the infrastructure for Responsive Open Learning Environments. Examples include a repository where you can choose and download learning widgets, and a learning space where you can enter widgets and collaborate with other learners.

On the Showcase Platform following ROLE Tools are exhibited:

The platform is not restricted to one educational setting:  it addresses self-directed life-long learning, school, higher education, and corporate training. Anyone who is interested in ROLE is welcome to learn more about its software exhibited on the platform. The Showcase Platform provides useful information for people outside the consortium that consider using ROLE results in real life settings as well as for individuals and organizations that are about to open their learning environments to include ROLE services or to develop software and services according to the ROLE specifications.

The Showcase Platform can be accessed via following link: