ROLE Dissemination Trophy Winner has been announced: congratulations to the Open University Team

Second time in the row, the OU Team has been awarded for their extraordinary dissemination commitment and activities. The team has delivered 5 presentations or workshops, participated in 5 scientific publications, published 4 audiocasts and 2 screencasts including the ROLE Online Course Screencast and SRL Teaser Videos in German, English and Chinese (in cooperation with other partners).

One of the OU Team contributions was the co-organisation of the ROLE Webinar, which aimed to promote the Widget competition, demonstrate the free OU open lab online course, and the SDK. The webinar included case studies from the Netherlands illustrating the way that ROLE technologies are impacting in the workplace and this webinar can be used also for the interested participants in the next widget competitioniterations.

Second achievement is the production of the ROLE Online Course Screencast that aims to shed a light on the widgets,  Personal Learning Environments and ways how to start building an own Personal Learning Environment. This screencast is available at

The OU Team has outrunned the Frauenhofer Institute and EPFL that ended up on the second and third place respectively. As announced by other participating organisations, which endeavour to get the captain`s hat in the next round, the game is on! We wish them good luck!

The ROLE Dissemination Trophy is a challenge cup that is handed to ROLE partners for excellent dissemination work. It is awarded twice a year.

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